Corporate Identity

Why is it important to have a corporate identity?

A company always needs to appear perfect and professional. When creating a brand, one of the most important things to pay attention to is the image of the brand that needs to be consistent and appealing.

The visual effects are so significant that a word has been created which stands for it: image. In the United States, where marketing was born, the construction of this field has a tradition. Let me mention a few brands that sound familiar to many: Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Nike.

Corporate identity is not an exclusive privilege of the largest companies. More and more smaller companies recognize the significance and importance of corporate identity. It is essential to use the image consistently both in print and online.

We do a good marketing job, if one sees our flyer and remembers our website that he/she had seen before or the other way around. In order to be successful, companies and corporations must be indentifiable anytime and anywhere.

What does image mean?

The image is a system of visual elements and other features that characterize a company . It is a consistently implemented system that contains graphic elements, color and shape. There is a so called Image Manual that specifies how a logo must look and which Pantone colors can be found in the logo. It also helps to determine how the elements of the corporate identity should look like.

  • business card,
  • brochure,
  • website,
  • adverts
  • billboard,
  • company car, etc.

What are some advantages of corporate identity?

  • There are over 2000 advertisement impulses that affect an average Hungarian person each day. This number has been constantly increasing. It might sound unbelievable but 90% of these commercials are not recognized by us and therefore gets lost. A good corporate identity helps the company become more interesting, appealing and thus more recognizable for us.
  • The corporate identity is one of the very first things customers see of the company (often unconsciously).  This is why it is essential what impact a company’s image has on us.
  • The corporate identity tells much about the company’s standards, stance and ambitions.
  • Employees are more determined to work for a company with acknowledged corporate identity.
  • B2B partners are approaching company’s with acknowledged corporate identity more enthusiastically.
  • It is not necessary to create a new image for each project. A high amount of money can be saved by using standardization.

Can I look at image as an investment?

Yes, the image or corporate identity doesn’t stand own it’s own. It is an essential element of the company that helps marketing communication and selling.

How is a corporate identity made?

It is fundamental to design a logo that characterizes the company and makes it unique. Before creating a logo, it is important for the designer to understand what the company stands for, what marketing strategies it uses, what conceptions the managers follow and which companies are the biggest competitors. These information help the designer to create a logo that fits the company the most.