Online Marketing

Creating a website by itself is history

One cannot succeed by simply creating a website. We must think in systems. We need to make sure that the elements of the system all point into the same direction towards the same goal. Thus, it is expedient to set the purpose of their online presence right from the beginning. If we are present online and have goals set, we can work effectively by guiding our steps to the right direction.


Online marketing is not simply the online application of the ordinary (offline) marketing tools, but qualitatively it is a new activity. A website cannot simply be the online version of the company brochure. Putting printed brochures online doesn’t work and doesn’t use the advantages the internet can offer.

Online marketing is a rapidly growing field. Something that worked yesterday, doesn’t necessarily work today. Many websites provide testing tools that help to bring to light which picture/text combination or disposition works the best.

The ultimate goal in online marketing is to attract as many targeted users as possible. In other words, a website need to catch the attention of those people who truly care about the content of the given website. This should generate a reaction/response the page visitors give (conversion). The response can be immediate purchase, signing up for newsletters, or downloading free demo softwares.

During the set-up of a sales funnel, we need to use: search engine optimaliation, email newsletters, ads, affiliate, etc. Thus, we need to use all those methods that inspire the potential customers to start getting into touch with the company, learn about it’s products and services, or adopt those concepts that lead to shopping. The set-up of sales funnels is time consuming, and requires the constant online activity of the seller.