webshop webshop has become one of the most dominant online diy stores in Hungary. It is listed in the top 100 webstores in the country (when it comes to income). There is a big potential in online selling.


I  started managing Szerszamkell. hu webstore in September of 2014. The owner did not have enough time to manage it, so he gave this task and responsibility to me. We set five major goals back then:

  1. renewing the webshop
  2. 8 newsletters per month
  3. social media marketing /  facebook oldalon értékesítés
  4. content marketing
  5. image refreshing

We gave a responsive look to the website and added some other optimalization cooperating with the developers.


I am not telling a secret by disclosing how significantly the income  increased.   Since the September of 2014, the income has doubled. If it will keep on raising in the same pace and degree, we are going to reach our goal that we set.

We has been reaching some success on our facebook site as well. When I started managing the webstore, it had 1500 likes on facebook. Sice then, this number has already increased to 7.500, inspite of the fact that we only started improving our facebook page in February, 2016.


Our posts appear on the facebook wall to 25% of those people who like our facebook site. It’s an outstanding result because most facebook sites have around 1% reach. We use facebook to win more customers. 4% of all our customers purchase our items via facebook.


The newsletters proved to be the best channel, which attracted the most costumers. The database of the website currently has over 15.000 people signed up. This number has been increasing continuously.


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